I'm one of those delightful people who are against the concept of "guilty pleasures." If you like something that doesn't hurt other people, enjoy it, and don't listen to the jerks who want you to feel bad about things that bring you pleasure, I have been thinking to myself all week. Feeling this way is one of the… » 12/11/14 3:13pm 12/11/14 3:13pm

What Will Your Funeral Be Like?

I've been thinking about death lately, for a number of reasons, and funerals in particular, partly because I'm morbid, partly because of NYCyclist's lovely piece on grieving without god, partly because "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" is the most popular funeral song in Britain. » 11/24/14 12:30pm 11/24/14 12:30pm


Balkers are doin' in for themselves, this last day of Pop Culture week. » 11/23/14 8:19pm 11/23/14 8:19pm


I think nobody rounded-up Tuesday, so I will do today and yesterday. I am drinking box wine and listening to Badly Drawn Boy as I write this. Remember that I love you. » 11/12/14 8:04pm 11/12/14 8:04pm

Raddling the Tup

One of my favorite twitterers is @herdyshepherd1 (Herdwick Shepherd) who mostly tweets photos of his sheep and the land on which they roam in the Lake District of England. The Atlantic had a piece about him and his somewhat surprising popularity not too long ago if you want to learn more about him. I highly suggest… » 11/07/14 3:54pm 11/07/14 3:54pm

Embroidery Dreams

My next project, for no good reason, is going to be a portrait of Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor saying, "Otisburg?!" This is the scene the embroidery will be based on (esp. Luthor's face right at 1:40): » 10/23/14 5:04pm 10/23/14 5:04pm

Which table did you sit at in the cafeteria?

One of the worst parts of school for me was lunchtime. I was a nice enough person, but I wasn't (and still amn't) entirely comfortable with other people in social situations. My school was a fairly warm and open place from my perspective. There wasn't too much bullying of outsiders or weirdos. I think that's sometimes… » 10/06/14 4:14pm 10/06/14 4:14pm

Great Pudding Eating Idea from The Toast!

Basically, eat a lot of it with whipped cream. Recipe here: » 8/18/14 1:34pm 8/18/14 1:34pm

Last Minute Shameless Self-Promotion

The band I sing backup in is opening for Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs tonight at the Highline in Seattle. If you're in town and are looking for something to do on a Thursday night, you should come see us do covers of 60s soul and R&B. It's a lot of fun. You can dance. I'll be one of the girls in a stripey dress. » 5/08/14 1:32pm 5/08/14 1:32pm

Best Hockey Photos Ever

For the many hockey fans here at Groupthink: Deadspin asked readers for the best hockey photos and the comment section is glorious. Lots of fight photos, goalies diving, wins being celebrated, plus multiple shots of Jagr's mullet. Here's my favorite so far: » 4/30/14 1:15pm 4/30/14 1:15pm

Aurora vs Nice Lady [a mean petty rant]

I have this co-worker who is a very nice, friendly, generous lady, but I hate her. She talks too much, she's always chewing ice (SHE'S CHEWING ICE RIGHT NOW), she is a terrible writer and an unironic user of clipart, she's always touching me kindly, and she is bad at figuring things out on her own. » 4/25/14 12:03pm 4/25/14 12:03pm

Poor Carl (update!)

Carl seems to have ear mites, so I'm taking him to the vet. I got him the carrier this morning and just put him in it to see if he'd fight. He did not fight. I'm afraid we're going to have some trust issues after I close him in and take him on the bus though. » 4/21/14 2:28pm 4/21/14 2:28pm